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The Perpetual Gratitude Movement

WildFireCards is just the first step of a difference-making initiative that we call “The Perpetual Gratitude Movement.” To really get the power of this platform, we'd like to share what led us to create it.  It started with a dream.

WildFireCards Co-Founders Reuben and Tina Aiton, both Life Coaches, felt a strong desire to find ways to create significant impact on the world. One of the most powerful principles that they understand and teach is the power of living in a state of gratitude and in a state of giving. 

They also understood that the quality of our lives are determined by the quality of questions that we ask.  So, one day, while exploring ways to create worldwide impact through the power of gratitude and of giving, they asked a simple question: “What we could give that would enable individuals to perpetuate a feeling of gratitude, love and appreciation around the world that would only cost $1 to use? “

Within a short period of time, an answer came... They could create a completely unique Messaging platform that would allow people to not only send a really beautiful message of gratitude, love and appreciation to someone else but be able to see the impact of that message by tracking it as others forwarded the message. Others who shared the message would also be able to measure the impact of their message and would receive great rewards for forwarding it.

Not only did they see a powerful way to perpetuate gratitude and good around the world with this platform, they also saw an amazing way to give back to the world using the income from the platform by giving a large portion of it to charities that they loved and who are also creating a major impact for good around the globe.

They knew that they had created an idea that could literally change the world for good on many different levels.

Reuben and Tina knew they wanted to partner with someone who already knew the Video Card industry and who was skilled at both website design and Video Card design.  They found the perfect partner through Judi Paliungas, a graphic designer who specializes in working with Heart Centered Companies and is a co-owner of The Spiritual Judi created the eCard platform "" as an outreach tool for The Spiritual Mall that she felt could create a greater sense of community amongst its users. WildFireCards provided the perfect way for her to take AHigherThought to a whole new level of impact and to creating a greater sense of community.

The Perpetual Gratitude Movement is a simple one...To create an energy of connection and creation around the globe by quietly spreading a feeling of gratitude, love and appreciation though many different mediums.

One of the first mediums in that movement is Video Cards. As the platform to enable that, WildFireCards is designed to encourage and support individuals, businesses, charities and other non-profits to send a powerful, personalized message through a beautiful, high quality Video Cards. It enables those who send their message to visibly see the impact that the message is having on others through statistics and feedback as others have the opportunity to share the message and become part of making an impact.  It rewards those make the effort to give a gift to others through their message.

Through WildFireCards, gratitude can be perpetuated around the world.